Why Outsourcing Makes Sense

I had some trouble outsourcing the design of my eBook graphics and web site. At first, I wanted to do it myself. I came up with some good ideas for graphics and I know enough about web design to make a simple web site. I could save a lot of money this way. But after . . . → Read More: Why Outsourcing Makes Sense

Taking a week off

I won’t be writing my usual two blog posts this week. I have a lot to do in my eBook and a lot to do at my day job. I also found out today that a good friend and mentor of mine died in a car accident, so I am in no mood to be . . . → Read More: Taking a week off

The Power of Consistency

Thirty minutes doesn’t seem like much time, because it’s not. Thirty minute intervals fly by. You’re not going to be able to change the world or achieve your life goals in a mere thirty minutes. But you can get what you want if you work for thirty minutes per day. Over time, the thirty minutes . . . → Read More: The Power of Consistency

Why $100,000 Per Year Is Easier Than You Think

For most people, $100,000 per year is the sweet spot – we all want that six-figure income, right? Does a six figure income seem far off or impossible for you? I assure you, you can do it and it is almost certainly easier than you think.

By selling online you can reach an audience . . . → Read More: Why $100,000 Per Year Is Easier Than You Think

Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income is a blog by Pat Flynn about passive income, Internet marketing, life hacks, and more. Pat was laid off during the recent recession and decided to sell his knowledge on the Internet instead of finding another job. He mainly sells an eBook about an architecture exam, but also has a variety of . . . → Read More: Smart Passive Income

Setting SMART Goals

A few years back I created a list of goals I wanted to accomplish in the month of August. The list contained 29 goals. I didn’t realize it until much later, but that meant I would have to finish almost one goal per day. And these were not goals that could be done in one . . . → Read More: Setting SMART Goals

Follow Me on Twitter

I just now signed up for Twitter so that I could participate in Florida Today’s celebration of National Writing Day! Now you can follow me on Twitter: BadTea99. I’ll send out a tweet whenever I update my blog.

Click here to see all the tweets from Brevard county writers!

Thanks for reading!

. . . → Read More: Follow Me on Twitter

Why My First Blog Burned Out

I started my first web site and blog several years ago, when I was interested in making web pages just for the fun of it. My site was a great way for me to practice web programming, write, and stay in touch with distant friends and family. It was basically a giant Facebook profile, before . . . → Read More: Why My First Blog Burned Out

Experiment is Underway

I’m very excited to announce that my writing experiment is officially underway! From October 1, 2009 to October 1, 2010, I am going to be evaluating my dream of writing for a living. . . . → Read More: Experiment is Underway


Hello everyone! I am just starting to get this blog going. Please visit the About page to learn about what’s coming. Then stop by in a few days to see my first post.



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