eHow Article Promotion – Initial Results

I’ve been doing a lot to grow my eHow network during the first half of the month. I’ve been adding friends, commenting on articles, recommending people, etc. I have barely even started putting the finishing touches on my articles! I’m a little worried about completing all my goals by the end of the month.

As . . . → Read More: eHow Article Promotion – Initial Results

New eHow Page

I just created a new eHow page where I list all of my eHow articles and the cumulative earnings for each one. Take a look to see what makes money and what doesn’t. I will update it monthly with new earnings information.

October 2009 Results

October 2009 Results — 25 Total eHow Articles

In October I concentrated on writing eHow articles. eHow is a site where anyone can write “How To” articles and earn a portion of the advertising revenue that their articles generate. My goal was to write 21 new articles, which would combine with the four I . . . → Read More: October 2009 Results

Increase eHow Traffic

October 2009 Goal Progress

My October goal of writing eHow articles is now complete! I have posted all my articles to the eHow site and now have a total of 25 articles online. eHow still has plenty of frustrating bugs to deal with, but at least I managed to get all of my articles . . . → Read More: Increase eHow Traffic

eHow Progress

October 2009 Goal Progress

October is wrapping up and I’m very pleased to announce that I have finished writing all the eHow articles I planned for the month. Not all of the articles are online yet, but they are all written in Word documents on my computer. I still need to find public domain . . . → Read More: eHow Progress

eHow First Impressions

eHow is a web site where anyone can sign up and write “How to” articles. The article must include a brief introduction and a series of steps to accomplish any kind of task. If you are a U.S. citizen, you can sign up for the Writer Compensation Program (WCP) and earn a portion of the . . . → Read More: eHow First Impressions

October 2009 Plans

In October I’m going to focus on writing eHow articles. . . . → Read More: October 2009 Plans


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