September Results

September was a complete success for me!  I earned $105 by writing articles for Demand Studios.  What an awesome feeling!  I know a hundred dollars isn’t much, but it sure beats the measly $5 per month I’ve been making from eHow.

The really cool thing about September is I got a great idea for my next online project.  I’ll explain it in a later post.  The important thing is that I wanted to buy a tool to help me do research for this new project.  The tool is called Market Samurai and it sells for $97.  I paid for this tool from my article money from Demand Studios.  Demand Studios paid into my PayPal account, and I used PayPal to buy Market Samurai.  I did not have to spend any of the money I earn from my regular job to buy this tool. This is really powerful!  Now there’s no excuse to avoid pursuing new projects.  If I need something that has a hefty up-front price, I’ll just write some articles and pay for it without ever touching my bank account!  I think I have stumbled onto a great technique and I plan to use it for all my expenses for this next project.

Stay tuned for my next post where I will thoroughly evaluate my year-long writing experiment.  I can’t believe it’s over!

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