August Results

I did not finish my goals for August, but I wouldn’t call this month a failure.  I began writing eHow articles for Demand Studios, which is huge community of freelance writers.  I was accepted to Demand Studios automatically because I had already written for eHow.

Writing for Demand Studios is much more structured than I am used to.  The studio requires writers to follow style guides and list sources.  All articles are submitted to an editor for review.  The editor can approve, reject, or ask you to rewrite your article.  It’s a lot more work than it used to be to create an eHow article.  I think the extra work is good, though, because it will force me to write well and I’ll learn a lot from the editors.

The studio has a list of thousands of titles you can claim.  I searched within their computer category and found several articles I could write.  Each article that is accepted earns a flat fee of $15.  There are some articles that follow the old model of revenue sharing, but the selection is more limited.  That obviously makes good business sense for Demand Studios: they would rather pay someone $15 one time for an article that could possibly earn hundreds for the studio over the long term.  I’ll probably try to write more revenue sharing articles because I think they’re the better deal for the writer over the long term.

I wrote one article so far and started a second.  My first article was accepted and I was so excited to earn my fifteen bucks!  The article took about 2 hours to write, so I only earned a measly $7.50 an hour.  But it’s still cool because it’s extra money and I didn’t have to wait months to see earnings like I did with my other eHow articles.  Also, this instant payment is giving me an excitement about writing I haven’t felt in a long time.  Seeing my PayPal account grow is just the motivation I need to get me back into the writing mood!

I don’t think I’ll stick with this arrangement long term, because it’s not a realistic way to earn a living.  Even if I could write 10 articles a day, I’d still make far less money than I currently make at my day job.  But it’s nice to know that I can knock out a couple articles whenever I want to earn some extra bucks.  The money I earn from these articles is truly extra; my day job pays all my bills, so anything I earn here can be used as play money, put back into my business plans, saved for travel, or whatever!  I’m looking forward to writing more articles and earning a few bucks while I figure out my long-term writing plans.

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