August Goals

In the past couple months my writing pursuits have stagnated.  I worked a lot, traveled a lot, and was often tempted by fun distractions from everyday life.  Now I feel like I finally have some motivation to write again.

I have still been (barely) keeping up with my newsletter about achieving goals.  I have received a lot of positive feedback from subscribers that motivates me to keep writing, week after week.  Now I have decided to try to get ahead by writing several newsletters in advance.  For the month of August, I want to write eight newsletters – two each weekend.  This will give me several newsletters stored in reserve in case I neglect to write some weekends.

I signed up for a six-week online writing course in July, which ends this week.  I have done none of the reading or assignments!  I have printed them all, though, so that I can go back and do the work later.  I won’t have the benefit of a teacher to answer questions, but I can still learn much from the material.  The title of the class is Introduction to Internet Writing Markets, which is just what I need.  I plan to do half of the assignments in August and the other half in September – about one or two per weekend.

I’m going to try much harder to set realistic goals from here on out.  I have come to accept that I have a stressful job and a hectic life, so it’s OK – and probably necessary – to pursue my writing and other goals at what feels like a snail’s pace.  I really want to avoid recurrences of the current burn out that has halted me for over two months.

It’s good to be back.

3 comments to August Goals

  • I think what you’re experiencing has something to do with summer. We grew up with nothing to do during the summer, and now we’re conditioned to not want to do anything when the weather is warm.

    I’ve been experiencing the same feeling lately. I want to work on my hobbies, but I have no motivation to do so. Now that summer is coming to an end though, I’m starting to get back into it.

    It’s just my opinion that summer = lazy, but maybe you could plan for that next year (if you’re still doing this). Know that you’re going to need a break and allow yourself to have one so you can get out and enjoy the beauty of summer.

    Glad you’re back. Good luck with your goals this month.

  • Thanks Emily. I think you’re right about summertime, although I don’t think it’s just laziness. I think most of it for me is wanting to get out and enjoy our beautiful summers, like you said. I just never thought of that before.

    I will definitely plan for it next year. Thanks!

  • You know what else I just thought of? It’s so hot here that it becomes miserable to sit at the computer too long. The computer puts out so much heat that I have to turn it off and leave the room for a while. The same thing happens with using the laptop on my lap.

    By contrast, in the winter time I LOVE putting on a comfy long-sleeve T-shirt and taking my laptop out to the back porch to write. I can write all day when I do that.

    So maybe all I need is some cold weather! Ha ha. 🙂

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