June Plans

Here we are, a third of the way through June and I don’t know what hell I’m doing yet!  I suffered a pretty big disappointment with the total flop of my eBook, which I lost several hundred dollars on.  I believe that failures aren’t a bad thing if you don’t let them get you down – just learn from them and move on.  Unfortunately this failure got me down, and I haven’t had the motivation to analyze it.

Since I haven’t had much motivation lately, I’m going to take the month of June just to figure out what to do with the rest of my writing experiment.  I only have a few months left and haven’t found a way to make good money from my writing.  So I’m going to spend this month researching different writing jobs/careers and figuring out a plan for the rest of my experiment.

All I really want is to see some potential.  If I could just make some money on something I would feel better and be motivated to continue.  I know my eHow articles are still earning me $5 per month, but it doesn’t seem feasible to grow that into a livable income.  I really want to see some evidence that I could turn writing into a career.  If I can find just a shred of evidence, I’ll call this experiment a success and probably extend it.  If not, I think I’m going to end up more discouraged than I am now.

So, I have a lot of thinking and researching to do.  I’ll keep you updated on my plans along the way.

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  • Pat

    Hey Travis, this is Pat from SPI.

    I came over just to see how you were doing, and I’m sorry to hear about your eBook and it’s poor performance so far.

    I’ll see if I can stir up some ideas for you.

    First, promoting on Adwords is TOUGH. I’ve done it before and each time I’ve wasted money too, even with my successful eBooks. So, don’t immediately think it’s your eBook – it coul dbe your adwords campaigns, the keywords you’re choosing, etc.

    Secondly, are you promoting your book anywhere else? I’m thinking that maybe if you were to join some personal development forums, or connect with other personal development bloggers, you might be able to grab some targeted buyers there, since a lot of those people are interested in achieving goals too, obviously.

    Speaking of targeting customers, I only have one immediate concern about your eBook, and it’s the fact that it’s about how to achieve ANY goal. I understand that you want to make it as broad as possible, but in the online world, being less specific and less “niche”, I guess you could say” makes it really tough to make a dime.

    The more specific you can be with your product the better. What if your eBook was about how to achieve specific goals, with targeted readers and customers that you could reach easier through related forums, blogs, and even keywords in your ad campaigns if you choose to do them again.

    For example, how to train dogs would sell less copies than “how to train a pug”. How do i know this? Because more people search for specific types of dogs in Google. If I had a pug, I’d want to know how to train it specifically, and if there was a product just for that, I’d totally buy it over a general dog training book, because it’s more specialized for me.

    It’s the same reason why there are so many different kinds of shoe stores in the mall: running shoes, walking shoes, casual shoes, women’s shoes, women’s running shoes, preppy/trendy shoes, etc. Why not have all of them in one store? Because people go for specialization. If people want a walking shoe, they’re going to go to a walking shoe store.

    Anyways, I hope this all makes sense. Sorry for rambling, but I’m only trying to help. I hope you don’t feel any of my comments are out of line, and if you do feel that way, I apologize.

    Cheers, and best of luck to you!

  • Pat,

    Thank you so much for your encouragement and ideas!

    I have not been promoting my book elsewhere, so I need to work on that instead of relying solely on Adwords. I guess I was just trying to throw money at it instead of time, and hoping it would magically work with Adwords. Now it looks like I need to spend the time to work on SEO, connecting with others through forums, etc.

    I guess my eBook is probably too broad. Back in the brainstorming phase, I didn’t think I was expert enough about anything to write a book about it. I feel like a jack of all trades and master of none, so I thought the only thing I could write about was how to do a wide breadth of things (instead of writing depth about one topic). I think it’s going to be harder for me to write authoritatively about one subject, but it looks like I need to try it.

    Again, thank you so much for your help. You have given me a lot to think about. Cheers!

  • Travis,

    I was just spending some time on Twitter and came across your tweet about your blog. Saw your June blog, felt some empathy, thought I would read more. cicked on your “myebook” link.

    If I got this right, you had 2000 visitors to your site in May. That may not be knocking it out of the ballpark, but that is a great start. While the number of visitors is important, what you need is a better conversion rate (I know… DUH!)

    The problem as I see it is your headlines are weak, and your call to action is not much better. You may be a good writer, but your marketing needs some help. If you plan to spend some time reflecting, spend some time reflecting on marketing.. specificly how to write a better headline and a call to action.

    If you want visitors to take action you need to give them a really good reason. Find the pain, offer a solution to the pain. You’re headlines are not doing that.

    Take a week, 2 weeks, a month. Get more powerful headlines and call to action. Just like me you must be overwhelmed with emails taking you to links that try to sell you something. Many of them work. Go study the way they write their headlines. Here are just a few – not the best – but a few. I’m not suggesting you buy their products, I’m suggestiong you study how their headlines pull you in and make you want to buy. Take your ebook page and try to rewrite 8 different versions, one for each link below. No matter how crappy they look or sound to you, just write them. Take how ever long. Ignore your friends who tell you it is “cheezy”. Do it anyway. Pick the one you and your friends like the best, then – here is the really important part – pick the one everyone hated. Seriously. Repost you page with the one everyone hated. give it 60 days. Then change to the one everyone liked. Give it 60 days.

    nickusborne.com or emailmindtricks.com or jimfleck.com/index.php or
    nitrowebcasts.com or positionyourbrand.com and carlton-copywriting.com. outsourceforce.com/instant-leverage, then products.simpleology.com/oaiamb/oaipage

    I hope you will try this, I won’t be suprised if you don’t. Most people are not willing to let go of the belief systems that are holding them back. But then again, not too many are willing to do what you have already done.

    Good luck. I’m putting your ebook URL in my favorites. I will be watching. When you get it right, I will buy the book.

    God bless you…

  • SnapStreak,

    Thank you very much for your ideas!

    I have taken about a month off without even looking at this. Now I think it’s time to get back into it. Thanks for giving me some direction.

    Best regards,

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