May Results

May has been a disappointing month as far as my eBook is concerned.  I had over two thousand visitors from Google ads and 0 sales from them.  The only two sales I made were from newsletter subscribers, giving me a grand total of $10 of earnings.

  • Advertising dollars spent in May: $300.00
  • Revenue earned: $10.00
  • Balance: ($-290.00)

I thought that writing an eBook would be the magic ticket and that writing articles for eHow was a waste of time.  But my eBook is not making money, while eHow continues to pay me about $5 per month.  Actually, this month’s eHow earnings went up to $6.36, which is the highest ever.  So maybe I’m going about this all wrong.  It might actually be easier to make money by starting with an established web site like eHow.

I’m going to stop advertising my eBook on Google Adwords until I figure out what to do, because obviously my advertising money is going straight down the drain.  I might need a better sales pitch, a lower price, better marketing, or something as simple as a different color scheme on my web site.  Who knows?  Or maybe I should just move on to a new project.  I have a lot of thinking to do before I decide my next move.

I sure hope I can improve the outlook of this project or have better luck with the next one!

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