Book Performance at May Midpoint

Today is the half-way point through the month of May, and I can’t believe it.  This month is flying by!  It has been an exciting month because I turned 26 and went on a cruise to the Bahamas!

My eBook, How to Achieve Any Goal, is not selling as well as I’d hoped.  I have only sold two copies so far, and these were discounted copies to newsletter subscribers.  I have not sold any full-price copies to visitors who found my site from Google Adwords, which means I have a lot of advertising money going down the drain right now.

  • Advertising dollars spent from May 1-15: $142.20
  • Revenue earned: $10.00
  • Balance: ($-132.20)

I am definitely grateful for my two sales, though!  I have also had several of my newsletter subscribers express interest, but some are unable to purchase the book because they don’t have credit cards.  So I am looking for other payment methods and for better ways to market the book.  I will be posting more to the blog when I figure out what to do.  Stay tuned!

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