April Results and May Plans

April Results

How to Achieve Any Goal

How to Achieve Any Goal

My eBook is done!  Hooray! Go to accomplishingyourgoals.com to check it out!

I worked very hard in the month of April to finish this book and get it online.  It has been online for a couple days now and I haven’t seen any sales, but I know it will take time.  I am anxiously awaiting the time when I sign into Paypal and see my first sale.  I’m really excited to see if this eBook experiment is going to work!

The only tasks I didn’t finish were optimizing my sales page and creating a multivariate test in Google Optimizer.  Right now my sales page is pretty bland, which is certainly why I haven’t sold anything yet.  So I’ll work on these things in May.

May Plans

Right now I am exhausted.  I’ve been sacrificing sleep and working all day, every weekend day to finish my book.  I definitely put too much on my plate in April and it just wasn’t much fun.  I need to make time to relax and get a better balance back in my life.

So in May I am going to relax my writing.  I’m not going to make any writing goals or start a new eBook or anything like that.  I’m just going to tweak my sales page and monitor the progress of this eBook.  I’m going to record statistics like visits per day, advertising dollars spent per day, sales per day, conversion rate, etc.  I’m going to track all this stuff in a spreadsheet and each week I’ll post the stats to this blog for people who are curious about the results.  I don’t have anything else planned, but I might write some other blog posts if I feel up to it.

Toward the end of May, I’ll use the statistics I gathered to plan changes to my web site and advertising to try and increase my conversion rate.  In June I’ll implement these changes and possibly start a new eBook!

I’m really looking forward to seeing how well my eBook sells in May, and I hope you are too.  Stay tuned!

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