Adding Flair to your Writing

There are several ways you can add nice touches to your eBook (or any other writing) to break up the monotony.  You don’t want your book to seem like a long essay, right?  You should make it a pleasure to read so people don’t get tired of it and put it down (or close the file).


Use different levels of headings to organize your writing.  Headings organize your work and make it easier for people to read sections at a time.  Microsoft Word offers different levels of headings and makes it easy to define them beforehand so they will all look the same.

Pictures and Diagrams

Mind Map

Diagrams and pictures can convey lots of information and reinforce points.

Pictures are worth a thousand words each.  Try to find friendly images that go along with your text and help illustrate your points.  If you can, include diagrams, charts, or anything else that makes it easier to understand your text.  Just don’t include so many graphics that your readers will think you are trying to fill up space to make your book longer.  I am including one or two small pictures in each large section of my eBook.


Since I am writing a self-help book, I am filling it with inspirational quotes about setting goals, educating yourself, saving time and money, and more.  I put my quotes in a separate color and separate them from the main text.  I think they are a great way to reinforce the text and break up the monotony a little bit.  There are many web sites you can use to find quotes about any topic.  Just go to Google and search for “quotes about xyz” where xyz is your topic.

Any more ideas?

These are just a few ideas that I am using to make my writing more than just words.  I hope they will make my eBook feel friendlier and attract more readers.  Do you have any other ways that you add flair to your writing?  If so, please leave a comment below.  Thanks!

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