Why Outsourcing Makes Sense

I had some trouble outsourcing the design of my eBook graphics and web site.  At first, I wanted to do it myself.  I came up with some good ideas for graphics and I know enough about web design to make a simple web site.  I could save a lot of money this way.  But after much debate with myself, I decided to just pay a graphic designer to do this work.  Here’s why:

Save Time

Save Time

Save time by hiring professionals.

I finally realized that just because I can make a web site myself doesn’t mean I want to spend my time doing it.  I would spend a lot of time making graphics, writing the HTML, making everything “perfect,” and I probably still wouldn’t be satisfied with the results.  Now, I can stop worrying about that and focus my time on what I’m good at: writing.  I can focus on writing and editing my eBook at the same time a professional creates my web site, and both will get done faster.

Achieve Higher Quality

The best part is that the graphics and book will both be better quality than if I had done everything myself.  If I had spent time designing graphics, I would have split my time between graphics and writing.  Having less time for each, both would have suffered.  By hiring a professional graphic designer I am ensuring that a good writer works on the writing and a good artist works on the art.  This obviously leads to higher quality and makes good business sense.

Learn New Skills

Outsourcing is also helping me learn new skills.  I am learning about managing and delegating multiple tasks, writing instructions that are clear enough for others to follow, being stern with my expectations, and negotiating prices.  These are all great skills to learn since I want to run a business someday.

Outsource Anything

If you think about it, you can probably outsource many of the things you normally do in life.  For example, if you have a leak in the kitchen sink, you can probably fix it yourself.  But do you want to spend your time doing that?  If you paid a plumber to fix the sink instead, you could spend your time writing or working on a side business.  It will cost more money to hire a plumber than to do it yourself, but then you can spend your time working on something that might earn you more money in the long run.

So, if your to-do list has some mundane chores or tasks that you don’t know how to do, consider hiring a professional to do them for you.  You will probably be more satisfied with the results and, most importantly, it will save you time.

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