March 2010 Results

March was a great month for my writing!  I finished writing my eBook, which came out to about 43 pages and a little over 17,000 words of solid content.  My goal was to reach either 40 pages or 20,000 words, so I am happy with it coming out to over 40 pages.  This first draft is still pretty rough, as I have many little “todo” notes to myself and some sections I need to expand, but I’m OK with that because I was planning on leaving April for the editing.  I also still have to add the front matter and back matter to the book, so I believe the book will surpass 50 pages when totally finished.  Very exciting!

I have updated my eHow page to note the earnings of each article.  This month will put me over the ten dollar minimum to get a payment from eHow.  eHow only pays you after your earnings accumulate to over $10.  My earnings have been accumulating for the last three months, so early in April I will get 13-14 dollars dropped into my PayPal account.  That is pretty cool considering I never do anything on eHow anymore.

I got many new subscribers to my email newsletter this month, raising my total to over 250 subscribers!  I really hope I can achieve this same conversion rate when I start selling my book!  I have also received ten emails from subscribers thanking me for my advice, which feels truly amazing.  Until now I had not been expecting this rewarding feeling of helping others; I was just thinking about selling my book for the money.  Now I am much more motivated to really try to help people!

All in all, I’m very happy with my progress in March and I’m right on schedule for an April release of my eBook.  After some more hard work in April, I will finally put this book up for sale and see if this is going to be a profitable way to spend my time writing!  Very exciting stuff!

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