The Power of Consistency

Thirty minutes doesn’t seem like much time, because it’s not.  Thirty minute intervals fly by.  You’re not going to be able to change the world or achieve your life goals in a mere thirty minutes.  But you can get what you want if you work for thirty minutes per day. Over time, the thirty minutes per day adds up to a significant amount of time, effort, and achievement.  That is the power of consistency.

We want to believe that people get rich overnight because we want to believe that getting rich is easy.  It’s not.  You can’t just sit down and make a million dollars in a weekend.  It takes consistent effort to grow a fortune.  You can’t make a million-dollar business in thirty minutes, but you can do it with thirty minutes per day over the course of a few years.

Similarly, we often think that talented people are just born talented.  Think about your favorite actors.  Do you think they were born talented?  They weren’t.  We think they were, because all we see is them in the movies.  All we see are their successes.  We don’t see the years of auditions and failures they endured to get where they were.  They didn’t become good actors overnight; they became good actors because they put in consistent effort for a long time.

Think about Olympic athletes.  We often think that these athletes are born talented.  There’s no way we can do what they do, because they were simply born to be better at it.  Wrong. We only see the Olympic competition, so we think these athletes are just naturally great.  We don’t see, and therefore don’t think about, the years of consistent effort that these athletes put in to their training.

Piano Practice

Practice makes perfect!

How do you think talented people get to be talented anyway?  They earn it with practice.  Thirty minutes per day of practice and you can be talented too.  You can be talented at whatever you want to be with just thirty minutes of effort per day.

This is powerful.  You can do whatever you want, if you are willing and able to put in consistent effort over long periods of time.  Think about it.  If you want something really bad, just put in consistent effort until you get it.  If you just don’t give up – just keep trying until you get it – you can get whatever you want.  That is the power of consistency.  Use it.

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  • If you’ve got consistency down, I’m sure you will be successful.

    I’m currently taking an online sales training course called the Feminine Marketing Edge. Every lesson seems to be one of those Eureka experiences for me and that goes double for the one about the power of consistent effort.

    Sarah Beth

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