Boost of Confidence in my New eBook

Today I just want to share a short personal story that has given me a huge boost of confidence in the eBook I am working on.  This is also a good reminder about why you should be building passive income streams!  🙂

Dollar Signs

Passive dollar signs are superior to other dollar signs.

I found a blog post on LifeExcursion by a guy who published his eBook a month ago and made over 1,000 dollars’ worth of sales!  He had to pay some of that money to affiliates and ended up with about $700.  I think $700 for the first month after launch is amazing!  Keep in mind that now that his book is published and online, he doesn’t have to do anything for it to keep earning money.  The earnings might fluctuate above and below $700, but whatever they come out to be each month, they are totally extra.  What could you do with an extra $700 per month?

The inspiring part of this story is that this guy followed Pat’s advice from the Smart Passive Income blog.  He downloaded Pat’s eBook and followed it step-by-step to create and sell his own eBook.  And that is exactly what I am doing! I’ve been following Pat’s advice and blog for months and following his eBook to create my eBook.  So, this gives me a tremendous boost of confidence in my own upcoming eBook.

I hope I will have a similar success story to tell in a few months!  🙂

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