March 2010 Results

March was a great month for my writing! I finished writing my eBook, which came out to about 43 pages and a little over 17,000 words of solid content. My goal was to reach either 40 pages or 20,000 words, so I am happy with it coming out to over 40 pages. This first draft . . . → Read More: March 2010 Results

The Power of Consistency

Thirty minutes doesn’t seem like much time, because it’s not. Thirty minute intervals fly by. You’re not going to be able to change the world or achieve your life goals in a mere thirty minutes. But you can get what you want if you work for thirty minutes per day. Over time, the thirty minutes . . . → Read More: The Power of Consistency

Boost of Confidence in my New eBook

Today I just want to share a short personal story that has given me a huge boost of confidence in the eBook I am working on. This is also a good reminder about why you should be building passive income streams! 🙂

Passive dollar signs are superior to other dollar signs.

I found a . . . → Read More: Boost of Confidence in my New eBook

If You Want to be a Writer, Spend More Time Writing

Just start writing!

About a month ago, I purchased two new books about how to be a writer. They both include tips for becoming a freelance writer and how to make good money doing it. They look like really interesting books, but I still haven’t read a single page from them!

Did I waste . . . → Read More: If You Want to be a Writer, Spend More Time Writing

Keep Your Writing Going by Delaying the Mundane

If you like to write, you surely know what it’s like to be in the writing “zone” or mood. When you’re “in the zone,” words flow easily and you feel highly productive. I love being in the zone and I hate being interrupted.

To keep my writing flow going when I’m in the zone, I . . . → Read More: Keep Your Writing Going by Delaying the Mundane

Advertising with Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a great way to advertise your web site. Think about it: how many web sites do you visit all the time that display Google ads alongside their content? Google ads are everywhere. And remember when I talked about evaluating your ideas and showed you how to find out how many people are . . . → Read More: Advertising with Google Adwords

Split Testing Web Sites with Google Optimizer

If you’re running a web site and trying to get customers to sign up for a newsletter or buy something, you should be split testing your web site. Split testing means creating multiple versions of your web site to find out which one obtains the most conversions (sign-ups or purchases). When you find out which . . . → Read More: Split Testing Web Sites with Google Optimizer

The Easiest Way to Manage Email Newsletters

To manage my new email newsletter, I signed up for a subscription service called Aweber, which has made it really easy. Aweber creates a signup form for you that you put on your web site. Then when someone signs up it goes through the Aweber scripts and handles everything automatically for you.

After your form . . . → Read More: The Easiest Way to Manage Email Newsletters

February Results and March Plans

February Results

This month I made $4.98 from eHow. Not bad. I’m hoping eHow will give me a steady five bucks per month for infinity. Five bucks per month isn’t much, but it’s still extra money. I didn’t do a single thing on eHow this month, except complain about not receiving a 1099 so I . . . → Read More: February Results and March Plans


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