eHow Article Promotion – Initial Results

I’ve been doing a lot to grow my eHow network during the first half of the month.  I’ve been adding friends, commenting on articles, recommending people, etc.  I have barely even started putting the finishing touches on my articles!  I’m a little worried about completing all my goals by the end of the month.

As of today, the halfway point through December, my earnings are $2.75.  If the second half of the month earns just as much money, I’m on track to surpass my earnings for November.  So hopefully my promotion efforts are literally paying off (though I think it’s still too soon to tell).

The following graph shows my progress so far.  Again, note that I have only “finished” one article and haven’t tried to promote any on external sites.  I’ve been focused solely on growing my eHow network.  My efforts have resulted in many new friends, recommendations, and comments on my articles.

eHow Statistics 15 December 2009

eHow Statistics 15 December 2009

Notice the line at the bottom that has just barely increased over the past few days.  That line represents the number of people who came to this blog from my eHow profile.  My eHow profile has a link to this blog.  Every time I add a new eHow friend, that’s another person who sees that link.  Obviously, most of them are not clicking the link.  But a few of them are, and I think that’s awesome.  I’m actually using eHow to drive some traffic here to my blog.  I originally thought it would be vice versa.

I will keep this graph going and post it in full at the end of the month.  I’m excited to see how this all works out, and I hope you are too.

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