Novel Excerpt – The Chase

Here’s another excerpt from my novel, Beach Liberation Front, to build some more suspense.

Matt saw the flashlights behind him, still bobbing up and down.  They seemed to be getting closer.  He heard the sound of the helicopter somewhere in the sky.

“What the hell do I do now?” he thought.  “Keep moving, I guess.  What else can I do?”

Matt tried to speed up.  He wondered how long the cops would chase him.  Would they walk through the entire forest?  This didn’t make any sense.  How could they hope to find him in the middle of the night?

Matt heard the helicopter growing louder.  He worried more.  If this helicopter was coming with an infrared camera, that’s how the cops would find him.  He was screwed and he knew it.

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1 comment to Novel Excerpt – The Chase

  • Ashley

    I’ve enjoyed all of your novel excerpts. You definitely have the suspense and interest to keep people reading! Can’t wait to read more!!! 😀

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