Writing Experiment Wrap-Up

I’ve been running this writing experiment for a year now, and it’s time to evaluate it. I’ll answer the questions listed on my About page. Did I have fun? Was I good at it? Did I make any money?

The Big Questions

Did I have fun even when treating writing like a job? Hell yes. . . . → Read More: Writing Experiment Wrap-Up

September Results

September was a complete success for me! I earned $105 by writing articles for Demand Studios. What an awesome feeling! I know a hundred dollars isn’t much, but it sure beats the measly $5 per month I’ve been making from eHow.

The really cool thing about September is I got a great idea for my . . . → Read More: September Results

September Plans

September is the last month of my writing experiment! I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for a year already. It seems like time keeps flying faster and faster.

My goal for this month is simple: earn $100 from Demand Studios. All I have to do is write seven articles-worth $15 each-and I will surpass . . . → Read More: September Plans

August Results

I did not finish my goals for August, but I wouldn’t call this month a failure. I began writing eHow articles for Demand Studios, which is huge community of freelance writers. I was accepted to Demand Studios automatically because I had already written for eHow.

Writing for Demand Studios is much more structured than I . . . → Read More: August Results

August Goals

In the past couple months my writing pursuits have stagnated. I worked a lot, traveled a lot, and was often tempted by fun distractions from everyday life. Now I feel like I finally have some motivation to write again.

I have still been (barely) keeping up with my newsletter about achieving goals. I have received . . . → Read More: August Goals

June Plans

Here we are, a third of the way through June and I don’t know what hell I’m doing yet! I suffered a pretty big disappointment with the total flop of my eBook, which I lost several hundred dollars on. I believe that failures aren’t a bad thing if you don’t let them get you down . . . → Read More: June Plans

May Results

May has been a disappointing month as far as my eBook is concerned. I had over two thousand visitors from Google ads and 0 sales from them. The only two sales I made were from newsletter subscribers, giving me a grand total of $10 of earnings.

Advertising dollars spent in May: $300.00 Revenue earned: $10.00 . . . → Read More: May Results

Book Performance at May Midpoint

Today is the half-way point through the month of May, and I can’t believe it. This month is flying by! It has been an exciting month because I turned 26 and went on a cruise to the Bahamas!

My eBook, How to Achieve Any Goal, is not selling as well as I’d hoped. I have . . . → Read More: Book Performance at May Midpoint

April Results and May Plans

April Results

How to Achieve Any Goal

My eBook is done! Hooray! Go to accomplishingyourgoals.com to check it out!

I worked very hard in the month of April to finish this book and get it online. It has been online for a couple days now and I haven’t seen any sales, but I know . . . → Read More: April Results and May Plans

Writing a Disclaimer

Writing a disclaimer has been the most worrisome aspect of writing my eBook. I am totally paranoid about being sued! I scrapped together bits and pieces of other peoples’ disclaimers and then had an intellectual property lawyer review it. It turns out the lawyer was not worth the time and money.

I rewrote the disclaimer . . . → Read More: Writing a Disclaimer


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